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Soul Food

About Us

The evolution of CJ’s was a dream brought together by three friends who became family. Dejuan, Jacob & C.J. Two from Columbus, one of them born and raised in Cleveland Ohio, which would be C.J.

Jacob and C.J. would love to compare different restaurants from both cities! All three would love to cook & entertain people to see them smile and laugh! C.J. eventually moved to Columbus to get away from his home town and pursue some of his dreams of being a small business owner. During the pandemic the three of them would talk about what Columbus was missing and felt that Columbus needed an upscale soul food spot that would bring live entertainment for all ages and people! Wanting to give Columbus a place to eat, laugh, dance, and make great memories. One of the biggest obstacles along the way was coming up with a name that would stick out! Jacob and Dejuan would argue back and forth over this for days on end. But one thing they all had in common was the concept! During the time of construction and getting the restaurant up to code, C.J. was tragically killed by a senseless act of violence leaving all of us devastated and wanting to give up. Dejuan and Jacob took time away from the project to be with their loved ones. And in honor of C.J. they felt it was the best way to make sure his legacy lives on for years through some of the things he loved doing the most like cooking & making people laugh! We want to thank all of our customers who have continued to support us as we continue to grow and listen to everyone to make CJ’s the number 1 go-to spot in Columbus for soul food and live entertainment.